Welcome BD-Art

Welcome to my homepage where I have tried to showcase a wide variety of my past paintings.
My hometown is the North East of England.
I have always been interested in arts and have been an artist for many years and worked with some amazing local artists.

I now concentrate on my art works and I have a enthusiasm to paint in layers to create texture and energy in a impressionistic and abstract art works.
I work in a wide range of subjects but mainly take my inspiration and influence from the rugged coastal area and landscapes, we have some wonderful parts to the North East from Cumbria to Northumberland. then the boarders into Scotland.

I believe that art has no limits and there are no mistakes only happy accidents along the way. Art is for all to do and enjoy its not only for the privileged and qualified I find art is a form of escapism from the dramas and stresses of life in many ways. From a pencil drawing to lashing on thick paints onto a canvas that gives you freedom to relax into a stress of fulfilment and enjoyment.

I have original artworks and textured prints of selected paintings for sale. If you would like further information or would like to purchase any work, please get in touch, or see my work for sale on Saatchi on line website (See the Link section.

Nucasa - Home wares and Gallery. 14-16 Brentwood Ave, West Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 3DH

I hope you enjoy looking through the site and please feel free to contact me with any feedback or questions using the Contact.